About Us

CarePoint Hospitals is a chain of health facilities focused on providing a quality-filled and customer-centered experience for our patients. Being one of the investment projects of Africa Health Holdings, CarePoint Hospitals has been able to expand its operations to fulfil its objectives, which is to provide the best health care services to the community.

At CarePoint we offer a range of services which include General Outpatient Care, Obstetrics & Gynecology/Antenatal, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Laboratory & Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Ambulance Services/Evacuation and more. We believe in ensuring that patients receive the best type of care possible, while providing affordable healthcare services for the everyday Nigerian man, woman and child.

We have a network of ultra-modern health facilities across Nigeria with seasoned staff committed to providing responsive, best-in-class patients experience, and high quality ‘care you can trust.

CarePoint is a subsidiary of Africa Health Holdings (An investment company with interest in the healthcare sector across Sub-Sahara Africa). We are a healthcare service provider located in various areas of Lagos metropolis.

CarePoint is brand of hospital with a network of standard health facilities that are highly suitable to re-write the dilapidated history of the healthcare sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are a service provider in the healthcare sector, whose aim is to provide standard quality healthcare to all classes of people (irrespective of social strata) at an affordable rate, ensuring that in line with carrying out our duty, we comply with global and local best practice of medicine.

In order to mitigate the mortality rate across Africa, we offer standard quality and affordable healthcare across all aspects of medicine. This is in alignment with achieving the reduction and improvement of healthcare goals set by the World Health Organisation and United Nations.

In a society where quality healthcare is unaffordable or virtually non-existent to more than fifty percent (50%) of the population, high mortality rate is inevitable as a result of the poor standard of living across Nigerians. CarePoint is here for the long term – to bridge the gap of accessing quality healthcare for every citizen irrespective of social status.

Our members of staff are well trained professionals who are qualified to handle all class of healthcare services that we provide.

Our Vision

To be the leading Private Healthcare Provider delivering quality and affordable healthcare to all.

Our Mission

To bring high quality, low-cost healthcare to the under-served communities in Africa.

Our Team Members